Tim Loughlin (funkymojo) wrote in lincolnlj,
Tim Loughlin

Apartment for Rent in Lincoln

Here's hoping this doesn't violate the community's standards on acceptable advertisement...

I recently bought a house in Lincoln that is converted into two apartments. While my fiance and I live in the lower apartment, we're trying to rent out the upper one.

It's a nice, spacious, two-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors. The house is in the Near South neighborhood, on 18th St. between South and Harwood. It's very quiet and close to the bus lines and grocery stores, and within biking distance of UNL. We're asking $450/month, which includes off-street parking, water, garbage, and laundry. Most pets are welcome.

2020 S. 18th St.

Living room
Living room. There's lots of light. Also, the pink paint is much more subdued than the picture indicates. It actually looks quite nice.

Kitchen. The kitchen opens up into the living room, allowing plenty of room for a table.

Another picture of the kitchen. Again, lots of light.

One of the two bedrooms. Plenty of closet space.
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